Glacier Express


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The tickets listed below are valid on the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and on the sections of the Glacier Express:

Ticket without discount none
Half Fare Card, Railcard 1/2 Price
The General Abonnement free
1-day Travelpass with Half fare Card free
Junior or Grandchild Travelcard, Family Card STS (children between 6 and 16 years when accompanied by a parent or grandparent with a valid ticket) Junior Cart
Children 6 - 16 years 1/2 Price
Swiss Transfer Ticket none
Swiss Transfer Ticket pour les jours de transfer et combi free
Swiss Half Fare Card et Half Fare Card Combi 1/2 Price
Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel Pass Flex, Swiss Travel Pass Youth und Youth Flex free
Eurailpass (Please buy this ticket on the station or in the train) 25%